Post Offices in Manitoba, Canada

377 post offices in Manitoba, Canada.Below is the statewide list of Manitoba, Canada offices. Find the hours and correct map location of your local office.

Map of post offices in Manitoba, Canada

1. Canada Post Alexander Address

  • Address: 415 Second Avenue, Alexander, Manitoba, R0K 0A0

2. Canada Post Alonsa Address

  • Address: 1 St W, Alonsa, Manitoba, R0H 0A0

3. Canada Post Altamont Address

  • Address: 60 Hollisos Street, Altamont, Manitoba, R0G 0A0

4. Canada Post Altona Manitoba Address

  • Address: 2 Avenue Northeast, Altona, Manitoba, R0G 0B0

5. Canada Post Amaranth Address

  • Address: Amaranth, Manitoba, R0H 0B0

6. Canada Post Anola Address

  • Address: Lake Trail Convenience, Po Box 247, 934 Dugald Road, Anola, Manitoba, R0E 0A0

7. Canada Post Arborg Address

  • Address: 270 Main Street, Arborg, Manitoba, R0C 0A0

8. Canada Post Arden Manitoba Address

  • Address: Arden, Manitoba, R0J 0B0

9. Canada Post Argyle Address

  • Address: 3 Railway Avenue, Argyle, Manitoba, R0C 0B0

10. Canada Post Arnes Address

  • Address: Jads General Mart, 19160 Arnes Road, Arnes, Manitoba, R0C 0C0

11. Canada Post Ashern Address

  • Address: 32 Main Street, Ashern, Manitoba, R0C 0E0

12. Canada Post Austin Manitoba Address

  • Address: 18 2Nd Avenue, Austin, Manitoba, R0H 0C0

13. Canada Post Baldur Address

  • Address: 112 Second St N, Baldur, Manitoba, R0K 0B0

14. Canada Post Balmoral Manitoba Address

  • Address: Balmoral Post Office, Gov't Rd Allowance, Balmoral, Manitoba, R0C 0H0

15. Canada Post Barrows Address

  • Address: 503 First Street, Barrows, Manitoba, R0L 0B0

16. Canada Post Beaumont Winnipeg Address

  • Address: Pharma Plus Drugmart #4813, 1295 Pembina Hwy, Beaumont, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2B0

17. Canada Post Beausejour Address

  • Address: 515 Park Avenue, Beausejour, Manitoba, R0E 0C0

18. Canada Post Belmont Manitoba Address

  • Address: 206 Third Street, Belmont, Manitoba, R0K 0C0

19. Canada Post Benito Address

  • Address: 87 First Avenue W, Benito, Manitoba, R0L 0C0

20. Canada Post Berens River Address

  • Address: Nwc Store 128, Berens River First Nations Bld, Berens River, Manitoba, R0B 0A0
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